Esprit de Normandie
Découvrez les lieux les plus étonnants, des traditions locales et un terroir à la fois terre et mer : la majestueuse île du Mont St-Michel, les émouvantes plages du débarquement, les jardins de rêve de Monet, quelques villages de pêcheurs enchanteurs comme Honfleur, des villes médiévales comme Rouen ou Bayeux et la délicieuse gastronomie avec son célèbre camembert et son cidre.

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We create not only just simple tours but sharing, memories, inter-generational links & experiences !
Specialist for individuals, family and kids tours tours, ACSM-TOURS is an incoming agency since 2014 based in Normandy that can help you to design a complete tour or experience according. We cover Normandy, Brittany, Northern France and Belgium. We also offers our services for tour operators, travel agencies, cruise companies, hospitality sector, conciergeries, hotels, guesthouses, schools, companies, publics and private organisations, institutionals, airports and fixed-based operators (FBO).

Our offer is addressed all year round to individuals, families, groups such as works councils, companies/MICE, associations and schools. We will help you to prepare your tours by a selection of places: some qualified as must-see, others based on themes (the Impressionists, medieval Normandy) or an offer based on off-track activities or family experiences.

The musts of Normandy or Brittany: Mont-St-Michel and its thousand-year-old medieval village, the D-Day landing beaches with the infamous Omaha beach and the 4 other landing sectors (Utah, Gold, Juno, Sword), Honfleur, birthplace of the Impressionists with Eugène Boudin, Giverny and Monet's house, Rouen and the story of Joan of Arc, the ruined abbey of Jumièges, inspiring place for the Romantics and Victor Hugo, Etretat and its famous chalk cliffs, Fécamp and its Benedictine abbey, the village of Varengeville in the footsteps of Georges Braque and cubism, Veules-les-Roses classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France with its watercress culture, Deauville and Trouville, the two elegant 19th century seaside resorts much appreciated by Napoleon III, Saint-Malo, the corsair town, Cancale with its famous oyster market.

Off the beaten track activities or family experiences : a jeep or tank tour, visit of a private german battery with a real Flak machine gun, its original museum, its 40's french café and possible reanactment by day or by night, the cider or cheese road, the thatched roofs and timbered houses trail, the stud farms, the fruits and vegetable road, traditional market visits, tasting & picnic, brandy & whisky classes, cooking, sweets & pastries, lunches at a farmer's house, food tours & tastings (home-made ice cream, caramel salted butter, snails, oysters, shortbread cookies, honey, chocolate, jam ...), visits to art and craft workshops (artists' workshops, pottery, embroidery, umbrella making, leather goods, soap, lotions ...), a tour by boat through the Channel Islands, fishing tours, walking or biking tours through fields to meet the castles, beautiful houses, natural springs or around the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, private visit of some castles, discovery of the most beautiful gardens in the region with or without an expert gardener ...

Some experiences will particularly amaze the youngest: immersion in the Vikings with different workshops (stone workshop, cooking, weapon making ...), tales and legends, treasure hunting, discovery of the most beautiful stud farm in France with shows at certain times of the year, farms with angora goats, llama walks. The most awaited moment of the year is the route of the illuminated villages lost in valleys where it is possible to eat Christmas brioche or warm up with a good mulled wine.

Our virtual tours are amazing opportunities to explore your knowledge or/and to have fun. Our know-how is attested by the number of virtual visits already made in several languages and on a varied theme addressed from the smallest to the largest host. We have our own visits but we can meet any educational need as well as for motivational actions aimed at employees. Our inter-action visits covers many fields : general or art history, fashion and French way of life, wines, spirituality, school or extra-school activities. We have the best equipments and technologies to realize the entire production of our tours from production
until the deliver of the visit. At the moment, we have 26 on-line visits. For example, the online tour "Paris under the occupation " is great to prepare your visit in Normandy. It will be about deprivation, daily life under occupation, moments of hope and resignation, and of course the Resistance.

We also provide thematic tours such as the pilgrimage route with Sainte-Thérese de Lisieux, Mont-St-Michel, Pontmain, the road of the Impressionists (Trouville, Honfleur, Fécamp, Etretat, Dieppe ...), typical Normandy with the road of cider, cheeses, thatched houses, medieval or ducal Normandy, the Normandy of the Writers, the seaside Normandy of the 19th century.

Hoping to count you among our future guests !!!


Sarah, our senior guide
I was born in Paris but my roots are in the north of France and
in Normandy, two regions marked by the 1st and 2nd world wars. My family was very active in the French resistance with
a biography of my uncle in a book who died in Buchenwald concentration camp.

I am mainly an expert in these two subjects but i studied from the age of 15 years old in a school of tourism based in Paris and then followed courses at the Louvre school. I am therefore able to cover the whole French history and the different arts: painting, sculpture, architecture.

I'm a certified guide and I hold a license allowing me to drive minibuses. I've been working at ACSM-TOURS since 2014 and I designed all the tours for the company. My annual working time is divided between organizing visits, creating new tours and training new guides.

I'm very aware that visitors have traveled thousands of kilometers to discover our region and I owe it to them to give them the best of myself every day, which moreover is never the same.

I look forward to meeting you and exchanging our regional or international specificities.I have a cheerful, positive personality. I like to make art, culture and history accessible to people who are more difficult to reach (children, people with reduced mobility or disability). And also I am a pet lover too.
Reasons to choose us
Our guides and drivers are carefully selected. They are highly qualified, experimented, certified and can provide first aid due to their special certification.

Our cars are recent, safe, controlled regularly by a garage, are comfortable, have air-conditionner and are cleaned everyday after each service
We must respect the law for routes and driving hours. But we will do our best to change the route if possible.
Our guides are experienced in guiding individuals, families, professionals and school children
of all ages. If you don't find the tour that you are looking for on our website, we can design one according to your wishes.Quality & fair prices
Our guide-lecturers have a national diploma and have been accredited by the French government to practice their professions.

This diploma guarantees that the guide has knowledge in general and art history, painting, sculpture and architecture. Some of our guides are even specialized in a field such as battlefields or medieval architecture.
Respect and private life
We like to make people happy. We are anxious to respect the tranquillity of our customers during their vacations. We never solicit them to respond to reviews on social networks.

They write us directly to thank us for our services. And since we work for many travel agencies, it is not correct to interview their clients directly. This is the reason you won't find too many client reviews about our company.
Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions. We can also help you to find accommodation according to your budget

Optimize your transfer to normandy from other regions or countries, to adv ise you on particular places or restaurants for very special events.
we can also direct you to other partners in France.
Support 7 days a week
We are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at any time. Your train is late or you missed it, we will try to find the best option for you.

We won't leave you without any solution.
Quality & fair prices
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