Our travel blog
Through that blog, we will share with you our Norman daily lifestyle. We will give you some travel tips on many subjects (trip planning in Normandy and connections with the other regions in France or other countries, transportation, money, thefts and scams, health, technologies, activities, restaurants, accomodations, what kind of activities to do with kids and teenagers …).

We will tell you more about local history, traditions, gastronomy and the calendar of the local events not to be missed.

And we will post about the different aspects of the French culture in general through articles, TV show, radio, podcasts, interviews from historians, lecturers, artists, writers or just simply the Norman inhabitants ...

If you want to participate to that blog or lead a virtual conference in relation with the past and the actual French culture, we will be very glad to share your work, opinion or state of mind.

Apply for more details to : contact@acsm-tours.com
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