This section is dedicated for groups over 7 people for a tour, for the B to B markets and events/MICE. It can be a large family, a company, a social club, a school and professionals in the tourism industry such as tour operators, travel agencies, incoming agencies, coach operators, cruise companies ... For this last category, we grant a TO/professional price.

We can provide 19 seater coach up to 50 and certified guides in many languages depending on the location of your stay. We mainly cover Normandy, Brittany, Northern France but we are in connection with many other colleagues all over France like Paris, Bordeaux, Côte d'Azur,
Burgundy, Loire Valley and Alsace Lorraine districts. You can save time by finding quickly an operator through us and you also can benefit discounts from us towards those operators.

We also are able to organize some private and professional events thanks to our huge connections with different partners on each field : medias,
R & P consultants, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, room decorators, animators, musicians, sound and light technicians, fireworks, caterers, wine merchants ....

Ask for a quotation for groups, B to B market & events/MICE