The Mont Saint-Michel

Ref : Tour 6

Program : The cobblestone village with its timbered frame houses – its abbey – the ramparts – Ste Peter’s church and its graveyard – its souvenir shops – the Mere Poulard and its famous omelett

Schedules & Pick-up/Drop-off places : Daily departure from your place in Caen & Bayeux

Duration : 8h00

Rate starts at 600€ from 1 up to 7 people.

The Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel (also known in English as Saint Michael’s Mount) is a tiny tidal island located in eponymous bay. It is the most popular and visited by tourist spot on the territory of Normandy. The beauty of this absolutely unique island and the ancient abbey on it has captivated hearts and minds of people since ninth century. Victor Hugo was so impressed by this place that in the pages of his poem called it “The Pyramid in the Ocean”. The Mont Saint-Michel has a rich history spanning more than a thousand years.

Right after the beginning of The French Revolution the abbey was closed for visitors. In the period from 1791 to 1863, it’s building was used as a prison. Since then the abbey was nicknamed by French people as the “Bastille of the Sea”. The Mont Saint-Michel included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.